How can I sell my apartment in Dubai (UAE) without an agent?

How can I sell my apartment in Dubai (UAE) without an agent?

  • I’m a specialist, so most specialists won’t let you know everything that I will say to you. Regardless I don’t do Dubai properties.
  • List in however many property online entries as could be allowed (particularly that is well known in your space).
    Post on your web-based entertainment accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on) augment your compass and get every one of your contacts to share, repost or retweet for youPublicize disconnected on nearby papers also
  • Hold open house and welcome individuals to come and see your place. A fair warning, don’t do it single-handedly – have individuals to help you and be available as you don’t have any idea who could turn up. Qualify the “buyer(s)” and have his/her points of interest prior to giving your unit number.


  • Specialists will without a doubt consider you similar to the first to detect your promotions. You can either dismiss them or consider them to bring the purchaser over (on the off chance that they have a serious purchaser that is). A few purchasers don’t pay commission, so it’ll be great in the event that the deal is effective through a specialist for you to compensate them. Other than they can assist you with the desk work. Consider it one more road to sell your unit, while perhaps not then it’s completely dependent upon you.

Lastly, you can ask yourself:

  1. Are you hoping to sell desperately or simply attempting to save cost from paying a specialist?
  2. It will cost you publicizing dollars for both on the web and disconnected. Do you have a financial plan?
  3. Are you arranged to consistently publicize and show your unit to forthcoming purchasers until it sold?

It could require weeks or months relying upon the interest in your space. In any case, set up a timetable to impede time for review, in some cases, you must be adaptable.

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